Proctology FAQ

Haemorrhoids FAQ

I take a good shower every day, I eat a diet that contains fiber and drink a lot of water, is this enough to prevent hemorrhoids?

Of course, what you do is good and basic, but it cannot completely prevent hemorrhoids because there is a genetic basis for hemorrhoids, but these diets help to delay the occurrence of hemorrhoids and reduce the possibility of their occurrence. I advise you to continue what you are doing.

I have external hemorrhoids, which a doctor diagnosed for me a while ago and told me that I have to have an operation, but I did not, the pain and blood have completely disappeared. Do I ignore the matter that may make the hemorrhoids develop badly?

External hemorrhoids are external swellings, and when the doctor advised you to perform the operation, it may be due to the presence of thrombosis in the hemorrhoid and thrombosis must disappear within 3 weeks or require a thrombus procedure, ignoring the matter does not make the hemorrhoids develop, but it may recur again, and if it recurs, it requires examination and treatment according to Put it down that time.

Today I saw a one-time amount of blood in my stool. Are these hemorrhoids? If repeated, when should I visit the doctor?

Exiting blood with stool without feeling pain is one of the most important indications of internal hemorrhoids, and I advise to see a doctor immediately when seeing blood and not waiting to see blood again and again, because the treatment of hemorrhoids in which hemorrhoids are in the advanced stages in which hemorrhoids are in the first and second degree Fast, simple and easy, and does not require complicated procedures.

I have removed the hemorrhoids that I have had for several years, but I am experiencing similar pains to what I had previously suffered, can the hemorrhoids return?

This is a good question, as the likelihood of hemorrhoids recurring varies from patient to patient, and also varies according to the method that was treated, so hemorrhoids can come back of course. For example, in the case of Doppler treatment, the probability of recurrence of hemorrhoids is 5%, and it exceeds 20% if laser treatment is done with the rest of the methods.

What are haemorrhoids causes?

The veins around your anus tend to stretch under pressure and may bulge or swell. Hemorrhoids can develop from increased pressure in the lower rectum due to: - Straining during bowel movements - Sitting for long periods of time on the toilet - Having chronic diarrhea or constipation - Being obese - Being pregnant - Having anal intercourse - Eating a low-fiber diet - Regular heavy lifting

Anal Fistula FAQ

I have a hole in my body, but in a different place than the picture here, where the hole is in the area under the anus, but I do not suffer any pain just a smell that I recently started to smell from it.

Yes, the fistula is an opening next to the anus, and it is not accompanied by pain unless an abscess is formed or the fistula’s opening has closed, so this is a sufficient indication of the presence of a fistula.

I have what looks like a pill in my lower back. This pill has a hole through which secretions come out only when I press it hard to squeeze it, is this a fistula?

Yes, this is a fistula, but it is sometimes called a coccygeal fistula or a hair sac, and its main symptoms are lower back pain, swelling and discharge from it.

I visited a doctor and he told me that I have a fistula, but I do not suffer from pain, secretions, or itching, and I am not convinced of the diagnosis, should I ignore it?

It is best not to ignore the matter, but to perform a diagnostic procedure to make sure by conducting sound waves inside the anus.

Can the type of pain indicative of a fistula be distinguished from other pain?

Often the fistula does not accompany the pain except in the case it was in the form of an abscess, and if there is an abscess, it is pain that continues throughout the 24 hours without stopping in addition to heat and sweating sometimes.

What is anal fistula?

Fistula is an abnormal connection between anal canal and perianal skin.

What is Fistula possible causes?

Fistula is the result of a perianal abscess

What is Fistula risk factors?

Anal abscess Inflammatory bowel disease

What is Fistula signs & symptoms?

Discomfort for the patient . Pain. Purulent discharge. Anal itching.

What is Fistula Diagnosis?

Direct examination Endoanal ultrasound MRI

What is Fistula treatment options?

VAAFT, (Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment). Laser treatment. Inject collagen matrix paste.

Pilonidal Sinus FAQ

Why is the Pilonidal Sinus called this name? Although it is a hair bag?

It is called as a result of its presence in the Pilonidal Sinus region.

I noticed that there was a small hole in my lower back as if it was a hair! And when squeezed out a foul substance, should I leave it?

It is better not to leave it, because it is a hair bag and you should see a doctor immediately

I have a hair bag that I diagnosed during the Corona season and I did not go to the doctor to remove it because of Corona, what is your advice to me?

My advice is to clean the area continuously and see the doctor as soon as possible so that an abscess does not form and the situation does not become difficult and complicated. When the hair cyst is without infections, treatment is much easier.

I removed a hair bag 3 times during my life, and I don’t know if the condition will recur, what should I do to avoid the condition completely?

Recurrence (recurrence) in the case of a hair cyst is contained in all the techniques and methods of treatment, but in order to avoid relapse, we need 3 things: - To perform the treatment in the manner that needs the least surgery - To remove all the hair from around the area and to maintain personal hygiene and not leave any hair in Zone - Not sitting too long also helps.

What is Pilonidal Sinus?

Pilonidal Sinus (or Pilonidal Cyst or Tailbone Cyst or Coccygeal Fistula), is a cyst (or multiple cysts) located in the upper cleft of the buttock, above the sacrum, containing hair that can form abscesses.

Anal fissure FAQ

I saw blood during defecation and it was dark red in color. Does this mean that there is an anal fissure?

Often no, the anal fissure is often accompanied by severe pain during defecation, and severe burning as soon as the stool ends, but the exit of blood during defecation is often an internal hemorrhoid.

I had a momentary pain during the intense pressure when defecating, but I did not feel any other pain later except for a slight continuous pain but very likely, is it possible for it to heal on its own?

This description often indicates the existence of an anal fissure, and we call it an acute anal fissure. You can see a doctor to prescribe medication for you, and it may also heal on its own.

I have an incision whose symptoms are clear, I had it yesterday, but I did not understand what is the treatment of the incision with gel-like, so how can the wound be closed with gel-like?

The treatment of anal fissures with gel-like depends on treating the pathological mechanism that causes the fissure, which is the presence of spasm in the involuntary internal muscle, this muscle in this case prevents blood flow to the wound area and thus does not heal the wound, gel-like injection is done at a number of points in the internal muscle that spasms, which leads to its relaxation and thus allowing With blood flow.

I think I have an incision and will go to the doctor, but I wanted to know if laser treatment is available in the clinic that I am going to visit, and is it available to you?

Lasers are available, and all treatment techniques without surgery are available to us, but I advise that you leave the decision to the doctor to choose the treatment method according to the degree of the incision.

Anal abscess FAQ

Last week, I noticed that the excrement that I put out has a very bad smell, regardless of the types of food, can I have a perianal abscess?

The foul smell of the faeces does not mean the presence of an anal abscess, the anal abscess is accompanied by very severe pain that continues throughout the day and is accompanied by swelling around the anus or internal swelling.

An abscess is a pus under the skin, I could get it out myself by sterilizing a needle and using it, right?

When an abscess is present, it is better to open it by an experienced surgeon because 50% to 60% of cases form after the abscess a perianal fistula, so the experienced surgeon is best able to estimate the location and method of opening the abscess so that a complex fistula does not form, but the next stage of treatment is simple.

I have some symptoms related to anal abscess, should I see a general practitioner or go to a doctor who specializes in the rectum, anus and colon directly?

Of course, it is better to see a specialist, in my opinion, because he has the most experience in treating this type of problem.

Is anal abscess treatment usually covered by insurance companies, or not?

If the patient has insurance covered in our centers, he is treated at the expense of insurance, and it is usually approved by the insurance companies.

Anal warts FAQ

I already had anal warts, how do I avoid it coming back?

You avoid the recurrence of anal warts by avoiding the causes of their occurrence, such as transmission through sexual practices, towels and public baths.

I have symptoms of warts in the anal area and I did not see any doctor, as they do not bother me, can they disappear on their own?

Warts cannot disappear on their own, and even if there is a small amount of warts outside, there can be a large amount inside, so you must see a doctor to examine the anal canal and if it does not bother you, it can be left, but if there are warts inside, it must be treated.

I noticed the appearance of redness on the buttocks as if they were forming warts, as they are like small flowers far from each other, but there is no itching or pain, should I see a doctor?

Of course, it is better to see a doctor and treat it so that it does not extend and spread, and it is possible to increase its size, which makes it more difficult to treat.

I noticed that warts started appearing after returning from a tourist trip a year ago. I try to expose my entire body to the sun daily, and this hides most of them. Are there any damages?

Usually sunlight does not hide warts, and in any case, you must see a doctor to treat them.

Anal cancer FAQ

I have a lump near the anus, how do I know if it is cancer so I can treat it or is it just a harmless hemorrhoid?

A simple and important question and its answer is that the anorectal physician can distinguish between the two conditions by clinical examination.

I feel a swelling or a lump in the anus, and I do not know the reason for that. This sensation began a year ago and is still present. Do I have to see a doctor?

Certainly, you should see a doctor, and any symptom that appears and continues is a pathological sign, it may be skin growths and may need treatment.

The doctor told me that I have a cancerous tumor in the anus, and he advised me for chemotherapy. Any advice?

The doctor told me that I have a cancerous tumor in the anus, and he advised me for chemotherapy. Any advice?

I read about anal cancer and wanted to know if there was some way to avoid it, such as a certain diet?

Anal cancer is not known to cause, but there are factors that increase the likelihood of developing it, and these factors are such as anal warts, chronic constipation and anal sexually transmitted diseases.

Chronic pelvic pain FAQ

I have hemorrhoids, and I am afraid of treating them because of my fear of chronic pelvic pain due to errors in the surgery, is my behavior correct?

Your behavior is incorrect, because at the present time there are very sophisticated methods of treating hemorrhoids without pain and without any complications, on top of which is Doppler.

I have chronic pelvic pain and have been taking depression medication on a daily basis for two years, have it continued?

Pelvic pain needs to remove its causes in order to eliminate chronic pelvic pain. Many causes that result in chronic pelvic pain are found above.

I feel pain in the entire pelvic area, the pain comes to me several times a day and it is severe, but the pain center is close to the anus sometimes only. Do I have to see a gynecologist, esoteric, or colon and rectum?

It is better to start by seeing a colon, anal and rectal doctor, because most of the pain in the pelvis is caused by the causes of the colon, anus and rectum, and when there is no reason for this pain, we can expand the investigations to include a gynecologist and an internist.

Is chronic pelvic pain disease may affect men, because I have pain in the entire pelvic area that has been going on for nearly a month with a feeling of fatigue?

Yes, chronic pelvic pain can affect men less than women, and its causes must be searched for and treated.

Anal bleeding FAQ

I noticed blood in stools only twice within a week, but there are no other symptoms and I do not know the reason. Do I need to see a doctor?

Of course, you should see a doctor immediately because blood along with stool is the most important symptom of internal hemorrhoids, and the sooner the treatment was in the onset period, the easier and faster.

I think that the stool that I excrete is more reddish in color, this I always noticed several years ago and it remained like that, and I did not try to find out the reason for this difference. Should I do an examination?

Yes, you have to do an examination to find out the reasons for this, because the exit of blood is an abnormal thing, and its persistence means that its cause is satisfactory, and the disease must be known and treated, and the examination is easy to be done in the doctor’s office using an anoscope and a rectum.

I have blood coming out with my stool that is pale red, what disease should I be concerned about?

Red blood is associated with two cases of anal fissure or internal hemorrhoids.

There is blood coming out when defecating from yesterday until today, the blood coming out is as if there is pus in it, and it smells bad. Should I see a doctor?

Immediately, you should see a doctor, because this blood may be mixed with the formation of an abscess inside the anal canal, and this is a serious condition that should be treated quickly.

Anal itching FAQ

I feel the need to itch in the anus, but I don't because I think the itch increases the more it starts, is this true or is it just a psychological feeling?

Yes, this is true, the more itching, the greater the need for itching, so I advise to know the cause and its treatment.

I have an itch on the anus and I also have an external hemorrhoid. The doctor told me a year ago that he preferred to treat it and there was no danger of it remaining, but the itching increased during this period, what should I do?

Often you have internal hemorrhoids, where mucous material comes out from the anus that leads to itching, and the itching is not caused by an external hemorrhoid.

I feel anal itching, specifically I feel it at the entrance to the anus and not in the surrounding area. Is this a different indicator that indicates a disease?

Itching at the entrance to the anal canal has several causes. The most important causes are internal hemorrhoids, worms, or acima, anal dermatitis, or the use of detergents. You must see a doctor to determine the cause, so that the condition does not develop.

I have an itch on the anus and I notice red spots on the lower back. Is this a symptom of a disease?

The symptom may be associated with an infection or viral infection, and a doctor should be consulted to determine this.

Constipation FAQ

I have severe constipation and cramps and I could not pass a stool, although I already had a bowel movement this morning. Is there any advice?

The advice is to increase your intake of water and fiber, use something emollient, such as a glycerine suppository or an enema, and see a doctor to determine the cause of the constipation and solve the problem.

I have severe constipation which feels large and cannot come out without hurting me, what should I do?

You should see a doctor to determine the cause of the constipation, increase your intake of fiber and water, and pass stool slowly, gradually, so as not to cause any injury.

I have been constipated for about two weeks, and it is not very severe, but I noticed that the bulk of the material for stool has a different shape, meaning that it is closer to very hard and sticky balls. Is this an indication of a disease?

The stool is in the shape of balls and in some colloquial languages it is called the hemorrhoids. It is often associated with internal hemorrhoids.

My son (4 years old) has had constipation for 3 days, and when pressing down on his stomach, I noticed a very hard stool mass. Should I give him a softening suppository or make him eat peaches?

It is preferable to start with suppositories, and if stool does not come out, we can have an enema. Of course, eating peaches is useful and all kinds of vegetables and fruits that contain fiber, with an emphasis on increasing drinking water.

Rectal prolapse FAQ

When defecating, I feel part of the rectum drooping out, but I push it in with my finger and it comes back, can my condition improve and stop going down on its own without treatment, and is pushing it useful to stop it?

The condition cannot be cured without treatment, but pushing it inwards is a matter of lime to avoid abrasions (frictions that cause scratches), but treatment must be returned to the normal state.

I feel unable to control the anal muscle since the birth of my son 6 months ago, despite my ability to fully control the excretion of stool and gases, but I feel as if I cannot contract the muscle as before, does this mean that there is a rectal prolapse?

Often the condition you have is not rectal prolapse, but the voluntary anal muscle may be damaged during childbirth if the delivery was difficult, I suggest visiting a specialist in colon, anus and rectum to perform a sound wave test and measure the pressure inside the anal canal to ensure the integrity of the voluntary anal muscle.

I have a condition that I thought was hemorrhoids, but after reading the description, I think that it is a straight prolapse, can I be sure without visiting the doctor?

It is difficult for the patient himself to decide whether his disease is hemorrhoids or rectal prolapse. You must visit the doctor to determine the condition and determine the treatment, as the treatment of each case is completely different from the other.

I have a straight prolapse and it has been outside the anus by 5 cm a month ago. Can he recover without visiting the doctor, as I see this as embarrassing?

The prolapse cannot be cured without a therapeutic intervention. As for embarrassment, this only exacerbates the problem. The longer the patient visits the doctor, the greater the problem, taking into account the possibility of ulcers and even bleeding from the anus.

Faecal Incontinence FAQ

What is Faecal Incontinence?

Inability to refrain from defecation.or Fecal incontinence can be defined as the unintentional loss of stool (feces) or gas (flatus).

I have been suffering since my childhood, not being able to control the passage of gas, is this possible?

Of course it is possible, God willing, and this can be done with a non-surgical solution via the so-called Teflon implant

After the birth of my fourth child, I ran to the bathroom to catch myself before defecating. Is treating this complicated and needs surgery?

It is better to do two tests before determining the treatment and estimating it, and these two tests are the examination of sound waves inside the anus and the measurement of pressure inside the anus, and based on their results the subject can be treated without surgery, God willing.

My son has autism and he also cannot control gases and stools sometimes, is this condition possible to solve?

Also, diagnostic tests need to be performed to find out if the cause is in the anal canal, but if the problem is psychological, it must be treated by a psychiatrist.

I have a problem controlling defecation, but I have resolved that myself by eating food that causes me to have a type of constipation, such as yogurt and other things. Can that harm me?

Of course, constipation causes many problems in the anus, including hemorrhoids, anal fissures and abscesses. Therefore, in my opinion, to control defecation, diagnostic matters must be performed, including pressure measurement, sound waves and anal sensitivity measurement, and accordingly we decide if the problem is from the anal canal, then we solve the problem related to the problem of lack of control of stool Which I implement are non-surgical solutions.

What are Faecal Incontinence Possible Causes?

Chronic constipation can lead to a fecal impaction. - Diarrhea is the result of loose or liquid stool - Hemorrhoids - Muscle damage - Nerves damage - Pelvic floor dysfunction

What are Faecal Incontinence Risk Factors?

Women - Age over 65 years. - Woman who has given birth. - Aggressive anal operation.

What are Faecal Incontinence Signs & Symptoms?

Loss of stool (feces) or gas (flatus)

What are Faecal Incontinence Diagnosis?

Examination rectal area. - Anorectal manometry. - Electromyography (to test the function of muscles and related nerves). - Anorectal ultrasound.

What are Faecal Incontinence Treatment Options?

Diet - Medications - Biofeedback - Surgery : Now we have simple procedure without traditional surgery as following: self-expanding material, equipped with a shape memory. This material is able to grow in volume through the absorption of body fluids. After 24-48 hours from implantation, the prostheses expand by absorbing the physiological fluids and increase their volume up to 550% of their original size. Thanks to the "shape memory" effect, the implants are able to return to their initial shape following the movement of the anal sphincters. In this way it is possible to maximise anal continence results.

General Proctology FAQ

What is THD?

- Transanal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization which is specifically used for hemorrhoidal disease treatment. without traditional surgery - Dearterialization is the ligation of hemorrhoidal arteries which is an effective procedure to reduce arterial overflow to the hemorrhoidal piles. - Mucopexy: This is an application of the redundant rectal mucosa/submucosa that facilitates transposition of prolapsing tissue into the anatomical site. - However, the procedure of THD intrudes blood circulating movement. It does through ligating the hemorrhoidal artery within the lower rectum where the artery is placed through doppler equipment. - The interruption in blood circulation through this process helps contraction of the hemorrhoidal cushion. Since the ligation is placed over the dentate line, it causes preserving pain-sensitive anoderm.

What is TAMIS?

As you will read, TAMIS is one of several approaches for treating rectal conditions Without traditional surgery.

I feel pain at the anus every once in a while when defecating, can I have hemorrhoids?

Yes, there is a possibility of hemorrhoids, but the greater possibility is the presence of an anal fissure because anal fissures are what causes pain more often than hemorrhoids.

What are the symptoms that require me to go to the anal clinic, and how severe are the symptoms?

There are many symptoms that require the patient to see a specialist in the anal clinic, but the most common symptoms that require seeing a doctor are itching, secretions, pain, bleeding in the stool, or a feeling of not being completely emptied.

Does sitting for long hours on a chair, whether at work or while driving, cause problems, including hemorrhoids?

Long sitting certainly causes a number of anal problems, including thrombosed external hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids, and disturbance of blood circulation around the anus, so I advise not to sit continuously for more than 20 minutes, especially for those who work from the office character.

It is very useful for those who suffer from any symptoms related to the anus to read about other cases and previous patients who suffered from the same symptom, some patients received simpler and more beneficial treatment and some of them had a long and tiring treatment, so what is the difference between the cases, and which of these questions resembles your condition more?

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