Anal itching

What is anal itching?

A person’s feeling of discomfort requires itching (friction) in the anus and the rest of the anal area to relieve that feeling. Anal itching is not usually considered an indication of any serious disease. The skin around the anal area is red at first, then after scratching this area, the skin turns white and becomes thicker.

Reasons cause anal itching

Following are a number of the most important reasons that lead to anal itching:

Personal Hygiene;

Problems related to not cleaning the body well, if all traces of stool are not removed after completion and stool remains in the folds of the skin surrounding the anus, then this will cause itching.

Medical treatments;

Medicines and treatments, such as antibiotics, that cause diarrhea or constipation.

Chronic diseases;

Diabetes, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and cirrhosis can all cause anal itching

Wash the anal area with very hot water and strong soap. The anal area is usually oily and forms a barrier that protects against irritation when excreting waste. Frequent washing and showering removes these oily oils and causes itching and irritation that is difficult to stop.

Tight clothes;

Tights, skinny jeans, and underwear made of nylon and other synthetic materials.

Perfumed wipes ;

Use tissues, soaps, or ointments that contain benzocaine

Dry skin;

Increased dehydration of the skin on the body generally is the case for many elderly people.


They are enlarged veins in areas near the end of the rectum at the tip of the anus or outside the anus.

Inflammation of the anus or rectum;

Anal or rectal infection (sepsis) caused by viruses, bacteria, pinworms, scabies, fungi, yeasts, or parasites.

As for anal itching in children, pinworms are the most common cause of it.

The food

Certain foods such as coffee, tea, cola, alcohol, chocolate, tomatoes, spiced foods, and vitamin C in large quantities

Treating anal itching

The treatment for anal itching is the diagnosis and treatment of its cause.

Anal itching FAQ

I feel the need to itch in the anus, but I don't because I think the itch increases the more it starts, is this true or is it just a psychological feeling?

Yes, this is true, the more itching, the greater the need for itching, so I advise to know the cause and its treatment.

I have an itch on the anus and I also have an external hemorrhoid. The doctor told me a year ago that he preferred to treat it and there was no danger of it remaining, but the itching increased during this period, what should I do?

Often you have internal hemorrhoids, where mucous material comes out from the anus that leads to itching, and the itching is not caused by an external hemorrhoid.

I feel anal itching, specifically I feel it at the entrance to the anus and not in the surrounding area. Is this a different indicator that indicates a disease?

Itching at the entrance to the anal canal has several causes. The most important causes are internal hemorrhoids, worms, or acima, anal dermatitis, or the use of detergents. You must see a doctor to determine the cause, so that the condition does not develop.

I have an itch on the anus and I notice red spots on the lower back. Is this a symptom of a disease?

The symptom may be associated with an infection or viral infection, and a doctor should be consulted to determine this.

 Anal itching Cases

Patients who previously lived suffering from hemorrhoids, fistulas, and hair bags, and received treatment by Dr. Khaldoun. We list the symptoms they suffered and the treatment that was provided, which could be useful for you.