Rectal Bleeding

What does anal-rectal bleeding mean?

Rectal bleeding is blood flowing through the anus, and a person may notice blood on the stool, on the toilet paper, or on the inside of the toilet. 

Symptoms accompany anal-rectal bleeding?

Rectal bleeding may occur alone without other symptoms, but it may be accompanied by the following symptoms, which will be useful to pay attention to, namely:

  • Anal pain.
  • A change in bowel habits 
  • Pay attention to the color of the blood coming out, is it bright red or dark red?

Causes of anal-rectal bleeding

  1. Anal fissure, or the so-called fissure.
  2. Fistula in the anal area
  3. Hemorrhoids, both internal and external
  4. Anal prolapse (rectal prolapse)
  5. Chronic constipation with very hard stools 
  6. Polyps, whether healthy or malignant in the intestine and colon.
  7. Colitis diseases such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.
  8. Ulcers in the rectum

Diagnosis of anal-rectal bleeding

The examinations and examination performed by the specialist physician to diagnose rectal bleeding are:

  • Examination in the clinic.
  • Examination of a stool sample in the laboratory.
  • Anoscopy.
  • Sigmoidoscopy.
  • Colonoscopy.

Treating anal bleeding for adults

The treatment of anal bleeding is the treatment of the cause of the bleeding, this treatment may be related to the type of food, and it may be a drug, and it may be a surgical intervention by the specialist doctor, all of this is dependent on the disease that was diagnosed.

Rectal Bleeding FAQ

I noticed blood in stools only twice within a week, but there are no other symptoms and I do not know the reason. Do I need to see a doctor?

Of course, you should see a doctor immediately because blood along with stool is the most important symptom of internal hemorrhoids, and the sooner the treatment was in the onset period, the easier and faster.

I think that the stool that I excrete is more reddish in color, this I always noticed several years ago and it remained like that, and I did not try to find out the reason for this difference. Should I do an examination?

Yes, you have to do an examination to find out the reasons for this, because the exit of blood is an abnormal thing, and its persistence means that its cause is satisfactory, and the disease must be known and treated, and the examination is easy to be done in the doctor’s office using an anoscope and a rectum.

I have blood coming out with my stool that is pale red, what disease should I be concerned about?

Red blood is associated with two cases of anal fissure or internal hemorrhoids.

There is blood coming out when defecating from yesterday until today, the blood coming out is as if there is pus in it, and it smells bad. Should I see a doctor?

Immediately, you should see a doctor, because this blood may be mixed with the formation of an abscess inside the anal canal, and this is a serious condition that should be treated quickly.

Rectal Bleeding Cases

Patients who previously lived suffering from hemorrhoids, fistulas, and hair bags, and received treatment by Dr. Khaldoun. We list the symptoms they suffered and the treatment that was provided, which could be useful for you.