Anal Warts

What are anal warts (condyloma)?

Anal warts are classified as a sexually transmitted disease. This is a sexually transmitted disease. It may also be transmitted from person to person through the use of personal needs such as a bath towel.

Almost two-thirds of people with anal warts are accused of infection from a sexual relationship with an infected partner within 3 months of the relationship. In the USA alone, one million cases of anal warts are diagnosed annually.

Types of anal warts

Condyloma latum warts.

Warts from condyloma latium are moist and slightly reddish in color, and their presence is an indication of another disease, secondary syphilis.

Condyloma latium warts are treated by treating syphilis infection with antibiotics

Second: condyloma acuminite warts

Warts of condyloma aquimentium have a pink, revealing color close to white, they are transmitted to the body as infection with the human papillomavirus and appear in the anus and genital area and in some very rare cases they also infect the mouth. Warts in the anus may be mistaken for hemorrhoids. 

Condyloma acuminatum warts infection

Direct contact with warts containing viral material on another person’s anal or genital area is the way the infection is transmitted. Warts grow geometrically and may extend over large areas.

Note: The warts that you may see on different parts of the body such as hands and feet, are due to the human papillomavirus but of another type of it and contact with these types does not cause sexual warts.

Anal Warts Treatment

Anal Warts shape

Treatment for condyloma acuminatum warts

Interferon alpha

The treatment of sexual warts is by removing the wart tissue to enable normal healing. In other cases, immunotherapy and some commercial compounds of interferon alpha are used. Alpha interferon is given by injection into the warts, which stimulates and activates the work of the immune system and thus the warts disappear. Interferons alfa are very expensive and not suitable for everyone.

Amiquimod ointment

Amiquimod ointment is a soothing cream that activates the immune system response. It is used on its own, as the cream increases the activity of the local production of interferon in a person with external genital warts.

Although warts can be treated, HPV cannot be eliminated. This virus has developed its ability to hibernate inside cells and remain in an area close to the epidermis. And it may return to activity and show warts months or years after healing them, and recurrence does not occur in many cases either.

Removal of warts by freezing

Freezing warts with nitrogen will remove them.

Removing warts with acid

Acid is a substance that cauterizes and removes warts

Removal of warts by coagulation

Warts can be removed with electrocoagulation or a CO2 laser in the clinic. 

Regular visits of the previous patient to the clinic is necessary to ensure that the infection has not returned

Anal Warts FAQs

I already had anal warts, how do I avoid it coming back?

You avoid the recurrence of anal warts by avoiding the causes of their occurrence, such as transmission through sexual practices, towels and public baths.

I have symptoms of warts in the anal area and I did not see any doctor, as they do not bother me, can they disappear on their own?

Warts cannot disappear on their own, and even if there is a small amount of warts outside, there can be a large amount inside, so you must see a doctor to examine the anal canal and if it does not bother you, it can be left, but if there are warts inside, it must be treated.

I noticed the appearance of redness on the buttocks as if they were forming warts, as they are like small flowers far from each other, but there is no itching or pain, should I see a doctor?

Of course, it is better to see a doctor and treat it so that it does not extend and spread, and it is possible to increase its size, which makes it more difficult to treat.

I noticed that warts started appearing after returning from a tourist trip a year ago. I try to expose my entire body to the sun daily, and this hides most of them. Are there any damages?

Usually sunlight does not hide warts, and in any case, you must see a doctor to treat them.

Anal Warts Cases

Patients who previously lived suffering from hemorrhoids, fistulas, and hair bags, and received treatment by Dr. Khaldoun. We list the symptoms they suffered and the treatment that was provided, which could be useful for you.