Internal Hemorrhoids Case


Moh – Jan 2019


Dr. Khaldoun Ghareb


Internal Hemorrhoids treated by Doppler


Internal Hemorrhoids


Mohammad notice what he described as redness on the faeces that came out of him over a period of 4 months, and this was intermittently as he described, he did not see it every time.

Mohammad did not feel any pain in the anus area, so he decided not to worry about the presence of blood when defecating, believing that this might be a temporary thing that will disappear with time.

Feeling uncomfortable when sitting and feel itchy are the new symptoms  Mohammad noticed that made him to set an appointment with a doctor to consult about these symptoms, which were very severe in the last week.


Mohammad began to feel uncomfortable  to drive his car, so he began to feel that he had to reposition the seat, and that he had to bring a piece that made the seat more comfortable and soft.

The itching sensation began to affect Mohammad, as his feeling of discomfort turned into a need to rub the anal area, which he was unable to because he was present most of the time in public places, and doing so was not appropriate.

One end of the Doppler device that is connected to the main machine

Internal Hemorrhoids shape

Full recovery is our goal


Mohammad saw a general practitioner, and immediately after he began to explain the symptoms, the doctor told him that he should see a doctor specialized in anal diseases, for these clear symptoms such as: blood, itching, pain, and secretions in the anus that need to be examined by a specialist.

Mohammad saw Dr. Khaldoun on Wednesday, who explained his condition to him with internal hemorrhoids, as he made him see his internal hemorrhoid using the video-endoscopic technique that Dr. Khaldoun uses to fully understand the patient’s condition which is the first step of treatment.

Dr. Khaldoun used the Doppler device to treat the hemorrhoid Mohammad has without surgery. The operation, which lasted less than an hour and a half, was successful, and Mohammad was able to leave the clinic after the operation ended successfully.


The operation that was performed to treat hemorrhoids Muhammad has was done without surgery, without anesthesia and without pain. It is a simple operation that uses Doppler technology and is the most advanced method of treating hemorrhoids in the current era.
Mohammad was able to return to work the next day of the operation, return to driving a car, sitting on chairs, sitting and doing in an easy and smooth manner, with the previous symptoms of hemorrhoids completely gone.