Proctology Sicknesses

Proctology Sicknesses could be prescribed based on symptoms, MRI, Medical Laboratory analysis and direct inspection in the clinic. Depending on that it could be classified in the following categories:
Hemorrhoids - Piles Treatment in Dubai without Surgery by Laser & Doppler

Hemorrhoids (Piles)

They are dilated veins located in the anal canal. In some cases, hemorrhoids cause discomfort, but the most common cases it doesn't cause serious diseases. Hemorrhoids occur as a result of the expansion or enlargement of the veins in the lining of the anus, often occurs as a result of…
Fistulas Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Risks, Treatment & Abscesses


An anal fistula is an abnormal connection between the surface of the anal canal covered in epithelial tissue and the skin, usually in the perianal region. A fistula can also be defined as an ulcer (opening in the body tissue) in the form of a narrow tube that extends in…
Pilonidal Sinus/Hair bag/Coccyx fistula Symptoms, Treatment, Surgery

Pilonidal Sinus

The Pilonidal Sinus is most famous with the names “hair bag” and the “coccyx fistula” and others. As for the coccyx fistula in English and medically, it is Pilonidal sinus, as it is called the Pilonidal Sinus. A hair bag, or as it is called, a Pilonidal Sinus is formed…

Treatment without surgery and without pain

3 Technologies are used in different proctology treatments without surgery. Dr. Khaldoun is professional in using the following techniques without pain.


Many cases of hemorrhoids are treated with a laser, and sometimes a laser with Doppler is used when needed

VAAFT Laparoscopy

Treating complex anal fistula cases without surgery via laparoscopy in a procedure called VAAFT

DOPPLER Technology

Doppler technique for hemorrhoid treatment, is the most advanced technology in this field.


Dr. Khaldoun Ghareb is a colorectal and proctology specialist, specializes in treating diseases of the colon, anus and rectum such as hemorrhoids, fistulas and Coccygeal fistula without surgery, using laser, endoscopic, gel-like and Doppler techniques.

22 Years of Proctology experience

  • More than 3000 hemorrhoid operations using Doppler without surgery.
  • More than 800 VAAFT laparoscopic anal fistula operations without surgery.
  • More than 400 non-surgical hairy fistula laser procedures by Epsit technology.

Dr. Khaldoun Ghareb Qualifications

  • Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
  • PhD from the University of Madrid, Spain
  • MD degree from Aleppo University, Syria

Dr. Khaldoun is also a holder of the Syrian Board in Surgery and a Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Aleppo, Syria

Languages: English, Spanish and Arabic. More about Dr. Khaldoun al-Gharib

Proctologist certificates

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    Authorised Insurance Companies

    Most insurance companies cover most Proctology services provided by doctor Khaldoun Ghareb. Like Bupa, Daman, Oman Insurance and 20 more insurance companies (link).

    Proctology FAQs

    I feel pain at the anus every once in a while when defecating, can I have hemorrhoids?

    Yes, there is a possibility of hemorrhoids, but the greater possibility is the presence of an anal fissure because anal fissures are what causes pain more often than hemorrhoids.

    What are the symptoms that require me to go to the anal clinic, and how severe are the symptoms?

    There are many symptoms that require the patient to see a specialist in the anal clinic, but the most common symptoms that require seeing a doctor are itching, secretions, pain, bleeding in the stool, or a feeling of not being completely emptied.

    Does sitting for long hours on a chair, whether at work or while driving, cause problems, including hemorrhoids?

    Long sitting certainly causes a number of anal problems, including thrombosed external hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids, and disturbance of blood circulation around the anus, so I advise not to sit continuously for more than 20 minutes, especially for those who work from the office character.