External Hemorrhoid Case


S. A. – Jan 2019

Dr. Khaldoun Ghareb

Laser Technology


External Hemorrhoid


Initial symptoms

The patient began to feel a lump 5 weeks ago at the anus. The feeling of this swelling or pain did not cause severe discomfort, but only slight discomfort.

Advanced symptoms

After these five weeks, the patient began to feel pain in the form of tingles, and then a sudden pain sensation in the anal region, pain similar to a pin prick.

In the sixth week, the discomfort increased while sitting and walking, so it came to the pain of a pinch sting, the discomfort was continuous throughout the 24 hours, the patient did not notice the presence of blood throughout the period, and the patient did not look at the faeces carefully to see the blood.


The pain decreased in the middle of the sixth week, but a feeling of swelling remained throughout the week. By the end of the week, the patient decided to visit the doctor Khaldoun al-Gharib and book an appointment for the next day.

البواسير الخارجية

External hemorrhoid in the anal area

Anus in a healthy condition


Dr. Khaldoun diagnosed the case as an external hemorrhoid from direct examination. He also made sure that there were no other days of anal diseases that could be examined through a number of tests, and the hemorrhoid had a blood clot inside.

The treatment was carried out immediately and directly in the clinic, so the treatment procedure was carried out using local anesthesia, so a blood clot was extracted from the hemorrhoid in the clinic, and the patient after only 15 minutes was able to leave the clinic afterwards.

External hemorrhoid after removing the blood clot from it, the patient has two ways to deal with it. If its size is small and it is not an inconvenience, then there is no need to remove it. But if a discomfort forms, it can be removed by laser, and this is what was done with the patient.


The patient, the 15-minute treatment procedure in the clinic, left for his home, driving his car with some caution. The patient decided on the next day to take a break from work for one day, then he returned to work the next day comfortably.

Laser device for hemorrhoid removal device

البواسير الخارجية

External Hemorrhoids shape

Full recovery is our goal