The video of 3D EndOANAL ULTRASOUND is with English subtitle

This is a medical test that examines the muscles of the anus (sphincter). This test can identify abnormalities such as fistulas and lumps in the anal and rectal area.

It is very important in cases of anal fistulas, where magnetic resonance resonance can be replaced and the fistula classification determines for us to determine the optimal treatment.

The examination involves inserting a solid ultrasound probe through the anus, which the doctor will insert slowly. This probe has an ultrasound transducer built into its tip that can cover the entire circumference of the anal canal in one plane

The scan time is approximately 10 minutes.

Generally non-painful and well tolerated, it is performed in an outpatient setting without sedation or anesthesia.

There are usually no complications from these investigations. You may feel defecation when the probe is inserted into the anal canal and end this sensation when the probe is removed.

Upon completion of the examination, the patient can continue his activities.

Benefits of ultrasound examination of the anal muscles

3D EndOANAL ULTRASOUND helps diagnose the following conditions:

  • Fistula
  • Lumps in the anal region.
  • Lumps in the rectum.

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