Hair Bag Case


J. H. A 26-year-old man


Dr. Khaldoun al-Gharib – March 2016


EPSIT laparoscopic


Hair Bag


The patient suffered from lower back pain that began about two weeks ago and continued to the day, accompanied by the pain of noticing secretions that cause an unpleasant odor and severe discomfort from sitting, which effectively prevents sitting.


The patient read about his symptoms on the Internet and by virtue of his previous injury, he knew that his condition was a hair cyst, but he was patient for two weeks due to his preoccupation with work and his ability to endure according to his description.

The patient had previously had two hair cyst operations during the past two years and the disease returned again, causing the patient to become desperate. With pain, swelling and an unpleasant smell.

Picture showing hair bag


By examination, a recurrent hair cyst (returned to form again) was observed. The hair sac has several nozzles, some closed and some open inside. Hair and pus collects and really unpleasant secretions.

The newest and most effective hair cyst treatment without any pain is the EPSIT endoscopic hair cyst treatment with an injection of biological materials taken from the patient’s own blood and placed in the place of the hair bag after cleaning it from the pus and removing the hair from it completely.


The operation lasted 10 minutes, after which the patient left immediately to return to work without any bandage or any side effects or any pain, the patient came back after one month to check on him, which is what happened.

Hair and pus is what is found in the hair bag

A small hole and a hairline is what begins with a hair sac

The location of the hair sac