Doppler or laser which one is better ?

Doppler & Laser comparison for piles?

Video comparing Doppler and laser, which one is better? (with English subtitle)

Doppler or laser? is the routine question I hear daily in my clinic, what is the difference between them in treating hemorrhoids? Which is better during treatment? Which is better in the period after the process of treating hemorrhoids?

Doppler or laser for the treatment of mild and severe hemorrhoids?

To simplify the topic, “Doppler” is the latest of the laser, and Doppler is used in the treatment of all different hemorrhoid cases, and treatment of all degrees of hemorrhoids and their severity. While laser is used in the treatment of hemorrhoids of minor degrees.

“Doppler” or “laser”, which does not include cutting or burning?

Doppler does not involve burning or cutting the tissue, whereas a laser does the burning process.

“Doppler” or “laser”, whichever does not include any wounds?

Doppler does not involve creating a wound, whereas laser requires small incisions to enter the hemorrhoid.

“Doppler” or “laser”, whichever does not result in infection after treatment?

With regard to inflammations, after treatment, inflammations are almost non-existent after treatment with Doppler, while infections can occur after laser treatment due to the burning process.

“Doppler” or “laser”, which does not cause bleeding after treatment?

With regard to bleeding, Doppler usually does not cause any bleeding, while with laser there is a possibility of bleeding.

“Doppler” or “laser”, which one achieves a higher cure rate?

As for the cure rate, it is higher with Doppler than for laser where some cases are due.

“Doppler” or “laser”, which one treats hemorrhoidal prolapse with hemorrhoids?

The most important point I would like to focus on about Doppler is that it treats hemorrhoidal prolapse if it is present, whereas lasers do not treat hemorrhoidal prolapse.

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