Is Garlic a Useful Remedy for Hemorrhoids

هل الثوم مفيد للبواسير؟ Is garlic a useful remedy for hemorrhoids?
?Is garlic a useful remedy for hemorrhoids

Garlic is a useful home remedy for hemorrhoids. Which people may make before going to the doctor. Many people believe in the theory which is garlic is good for hemorrhoids, because of the ability of garlic to treat various infections. People also want to use it because it can be used at home without the embarrassment of hospital’s treatments or having to pay for treatments.

How Useful Garlic in The Treatment of Hemorrhoids

Garlic can reduce the inflammation of the blood vessels that form hemorrhoids, and thus greatly reduces the pain of hemorrhoids. Also, the antibiotics present in garlic can greatly kill the germs that promote the formation of hemorrhoids. To add, garlic is usful for blood because it reduces blood pressure and thus relieves the pain of hemorrhoids. due to the decrease in blood pressure on the swollen blood vessels in the anal area.

How is Garlic Used in the Treatment of Hemorrhoids

There are several ways in which hemorrhoids are treated with garlic. Some of them are by eating garlic on an empty stomach, and some are done by placing garlic directly on hemorrhoids. The following is an explanation of these methods:

Eat Raw Garlic on an Empty Stomach

A number of people eat garlic on an empty stomach in the morning for the greatest possible benefit. At the same time, many people avoid eating it because they suffer from abdominal pain and nausea

Garlic Mixture With Olive Oil

The second method is by mashing the garlic well and adding olive oil to it. Then spread this mixture over the hemorrhoids and cover it with cotton or tissues to get maximum benefit from it. The place of the oil and garlic mixture must also be washed well to prevent any allergic reaction.

Garlic Clove as a Suppository

A garlic clove is peeled and dipped in some kind of oil such as olive oil or coconut oil. After that, it is used as a suppository in the rectum before going to sleep daily.

Garlic Water

Peel four cloves of garlic, cut them in half, and place them in a bowl containing 500 ml of water. After that, the water is boiled for ten minutes. Then, the water is left until it cools, and then a piece of cotton is dipped in this water in order to wipe the hemorrhoids with it. With adherence to this matter, the patient will notice an improvement and a gradual disappearance of pain.

Is for Garlic Treatment Any Complications

There are complications for garlic treatment, and the level of these complications varies from one person to another, and some may not find any significant complications. Complications that may occur:

  • Using crushed garlic or split garlic cloves on the skin may cause irritations in the skin or anal mucosa in some people, sometimes it may resemble the effects of burns
  • Some people will feel pain or nausea if they eat it raw on an empty stomach
  • If there are any bleeding, it is notadvised to eat garlic because it may lead to increased bleeding, as it has anticoagulant properties.

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