What Is the Relationship Between Hemorrhoids And Smoking

ما العلاقة بين البواسير والتدخين؟ What is the relationship between hemorrhoids and smoking?
What is the relationship between hemorrhoids and smoking

There are many ideas about the relationship between hemorrhoids and smoking. OOn the one hand, there are ideas about how harmful smoking is to patients with hemorrhoids and how it increases their pain. On the other hand, there are those who talk about the benefit of smoking in getting rid of the pain of hemorrhoids. In this article, we will talk about both contradictory ideas and matters related to them.

Smoking Relieves Hemorrhoids Pain

Some may be surprised that smoking may be useful in treating the pain of a disease. Especially since smoking is a major cause of many deadly and dangerous diseases, most notably cancer. But there is a belief that smoking improves the mood of smokers. Thus improves bowel movement and facilitates the removal of waste from the body. The reason for this improvement in mood is due to nicotine stimulating the body to secrete the “dopamine” hormone known as the happiness hormone. The secretion of this hormone reflects positively on the body in general. It helps the patient to relax and relieve hemorrhoid pain during the excretion process.

Nicotine Aggravates Hemorrhoid Pain

On the other hand, there is medical research that talks about the harm of nicotine in tobacco and its effects on patients with hemorrhoids. Where this research says that nicotine causes water to be withdrawn from the waste. That causes hardening and difficulty in expelling it from the body and the occurrence of constipation, which is one of the most prominent causes of hemorrhoids.

Smoking and Blood Vessels

Since swollen blood vessels (hemorrhoids) are part of the gastrointestinal blood vessels, smoking is still a direct cause of damage to them. Just like the rest of the blood vessels in the body. As smoking affects the walls of blood vessels and their sphincter muscles through the release of carbon monoxide. This causes hypoxia, inflammation in the vessels, and significant weakness in the sphincter muscles.

A Study on the Relationship of Smoking to Hemorrhoids

The Association of Hemorrhoidal Vascular Injuries with Cigarette Smoking conducted a study between 2013 and 2015. This study included 242 patients with hemorrhoidal disease. The patients were divided into two groups, the first group included current smokers and former smokers. The second group included patients who had not smoked throughout their lives. In this study, with regard to patients, several criteria were taken into account. Examples of these criteria were age, gender, race, body size, duration of current and previous smoking, and demographic information as well.

The result of the study showed that the incidence of hemorrhoids in smokers is 2.4 times greater than that of non-smokers. In addition, the study did not find a difference in terms of infection rate between male smokers and female smokers. Also, there was no difference between current smokers and former smokers.

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